Vamos a Sevilla (1)

What a tiring but fantastic day I had today! I clocked 11.9 miles walking around and exploring every corner of the beautiful city of Sevilla. I was even able to get in a row (for a small fell of 6€)!  Our day started off with an early 5:00am wake-up call and we all dashed to the train station to catch our morning train. It was funny because as my group and I were running to the train, we saw that the nightlife of Madrid was still very much so happening. The places we saw once we got off the train to Sevilla:

  • The Mushroom: a beautiful architectural structure that was built on both sides of the road & had great vendors that sold handicrafts, stones, earrings, scarves and dried fruits.
  • Catedral de Santa María de la Sede: what a breathtaking cathedral! We were unable to go in because it was closed for the day
  • Plaza de España: This was a beautiful castle that we were able to walk up the steps and view the entire landscape. There were row boats here that Hannah, Erin & I went in– I of course was tasked with rowing… needless to say it is much different than the crew boats I am used to rowing in!!
  • Rooftop pool: The hotel had a beautiful rooftop pool that my peers & I relaxed in before the evening
  • Library of Francisco (Paco) Márquez Villanueva: A children’s library dedicated to Profe. Lokos’ teacher & mentor at Harvard. We even received books written by Villanueva. He is THE specialist about the Golden Age. This was pretty amazing to have a private tour.
  • Dinner by the Guadalquivir River & the Mercado: We finished off the night with dinner at a restaurant by the river. I had my new favorite: patatas bravas! I also had a dish made of spinach, garbanzo and egg. It was very good. We walked over to the Mercado to watch the flamenco! It was so cute seeing the little flamenco dancers learn from the talented & experienced dancers.

This was my favorite day- even if it did start the earliest and include lots of walking. I was able to accomplish so much and see lots of Sevilla! I cannot wait for more adventures like this!

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