Las Maravillas de Madrid

As we spend more time in Madrid, we have begun to see more and more of what the city has to offer. Since our arrival, we have been exploring the city and the art of Madrid has continued to reveal itself to us. Whether it be the music that street performers play or the street art that cover the city streets, this city is full of art new and old. Madrid contains many museums like the Prado and historical sites like the Palacio Real. However, the real life of the city is in the people. There is always some sort of music outside our windows many times preventing us from sleeping, but it’s part of the experience. We’ve learned that Madrid is really the city that never sleeps. The music, the art, the language, and the theater of this city are all waiting to be explored. We’re excited to continue to experience the wonders that this city has to offer as we prepare for our trip to Seville and Granada this weekend.

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