¡Buenos Días, Madrid!

For the past few days we have been given the opportunity to explore the different parts of Madrid that we have not visited yet. We snacked on some bocadillos and nachos in Malasaña at our new favorite café “la bicicleta”. Malasaña had a very artsy and hipster-like atmosphere that many of us found very fascinating. There were a variety of stores that had some stylish clothes and swimwear (for some amazing prices!) that many of us took advantage of in order to prepare for our trip to Barcelona. We also visited Chueca which was a very lively and exciting place filled with some of the nicest people we have met so far in Spain. There were so many different food options – I felt like I had to try everything! I personally enjoyed how the people here feel comfortable in their own skin to express themselves the way they see fit. In Madrid, it’s cool to be different and people praise these differences. If only the whole world was like this!!! Well, I need to find myself some coffee in order to get my day started on the right foot!