As we’ve recently passed the half way mark on our Maymester, Madrid is feeling completely like our home. We’ve done laundry, bought snacks at the grocery store, explored a ton of different neighborhoods, and are now pretty comfortable with our new European surroundings. It’s crazy to think we have less than two weeks left in the beautiful country!

Over the past few days, the group has discovered some awesome and delicious cafes around the city that have become our new hangout spots. The coffee and food here are amazing and getting the group together for meals has brought us all closer and we’ve all bonded over the delicious tapas. We saw two shows recently, El Cartógrafo in Santander, which is in the Basque Country, and then La rebelión de los hijos que nunca tuvimos. Both plays were amazing and it has been such a wonderful experience getting to see so many plays here in Spain!