Vamos a Sevilla (2)

Another look at our time in Sevilla….We woke up today so early that some of our friends and family in the US were still awake. After a long train ride, we finally made it to Sevilla, Spain. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and started the day off right sitting outside drinking either a coffee or an orange juice. Our day of exploring started at the Metropol Parasol (Plaza De La Encarnación) and went to the Plaza de Espana (pictured above) and also the Catedral y Giralda, el Torre del Oro, Manak plaza toros , and ended with dinner by the Puente de Tríana. Another highlight of our day that cannot be forgotten was the visit to Prof. Lokos’ former professor’s honorary library. Francisco Márquez Villanueva had a huge collection of books and now his work is part of a school for children in Sevilla. We were lucky enough to go home with a gift of a few of his books and a much bigger appreciation for our professors 🙂

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