¡Hola y Bienvenidos a Nuestro Madrid Maymester Blog!

Our first day of class and exploration was today. In the beautiful cave-like classroom, Profesora Lokos gave us an introduction to the course and a sneak peek as to what amazing city adventures, plays and texts we are going to explore within the next four weeks. After class we split up and did some sight-seeing of our own: one group toured the Prado Museum while another went “out west” and visited the Palacio Real and the Catedral de la Almudena.

Some things we have learned thus far:

  • Embrace the Spanish “siesta”- it’s a great recharger after a long walk around the city
  • Dress up more, or the vendors, and restaurant workers will know you’re American
  • Don’t be afraid to take a new pathway– often times you will find a new adventure
  • Don’t be afraid to try new food!! Especially the tapas!

2 Replies to “¡Hola y Bienvenidos a Nuestro Madrid Maymester Blog!”

  1. Love being able to follow your adventures in Spain!
    Relish each and every moment of this special time !

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