¡Vamos a Almagro!

On Tuesday May 23 we got up early to travel to Almagro to see two works by Cervantes! When we reached the small town of Almagro we were blown away by the humility and simplicity of this space. To start the day we ate breakfast at a small cafe outside, here we chatted a bit about the day and what we might expect. After several photos and lots of laughter through the streets of Almagro we made our way to the Corral de Comedias. Where we were transported to  the sixteenth century (that century), the coral is built with an ancient structure which is preserved throughout all these years to bring these works to life. We had the honor of seeing the El Relato de las Maravillas y La Cueva de la Salamanca. Works which we reinforced the quality and beauty of Cervantes interludes. After a buffet lunch, several more photos, and lots of laughter. We had the opportunity to have a workshop with the lead actress Covadonga Calderón. With it explored parts of the preparation of the theater, where we discover our vulnerabilities while improvising our own scenes. After a day full of adventures it is fitting to say that we return to Madrid more united as group more and closer to our theatrical aspects.

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