Viendo Por Gafas Rosadas

Yesterday we visited the rose garden in el Parque del Oeste. The roses were the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen and the smell was so strong and incredible. It was such a beautiful day outside and we all could’ve stayed in the gardens forever. After walking around for a few hours, we decided to take the teleférico that is a gondola that brings you high above the city. It had the best views of the city as well as the mountains in the distance. Then we leisurely walked around the city and took in all the amazing sites that we hadn’t seen yet.

After a great day out in the city, we all relaxed together and got to know each other a lot better because so many of us are in different grades and from different places. It’s awesome to know we will all leave our trip with 13 new and awesome friends! We ate 1-euro tacos for dinner together which was amazing and then we finished our night by singing Spanish Karaoke! It was a perfect day!

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