Bilbao… Wow!

Unfortunately, it was raining when we went to Bilbao from Santander to explore the Guggenheim Museum.  However, it turned out fine in the end because the museum had many exhibits to look at and even provided audio tracks to listen to when viewing certain pieces.  First we went to The Matter of Time exhibit where we could walk through the sculptures because they were so big.  After, I saw many pieces of art, my favorites being Die berühtem Orden der Nacht, a floral sculpture called “Puppy,” and an all-black painting (which we could see different colors composing the piece if we looked at it for a long enough time).  The museum was very big, but I enjoyed it because there were multiple exhibits that focused on different styles of art, so there was something for everyone.  Since we had many hours in Bilbao for the day, we ate gelato (of course) and had a great lunch before returning back to Santander for the night.  Once we arrived back, we went to a restaurant to eat and watch the finals for soccer and Real Madrid won!  Everyone enjoyed the win because Madrid has become our “home city” and it was great to support and celebrate our team’s win.