My Birthday in Madrid

Today is my (Jackie) birthday and I am very excited to celebrate the occasion in Spain. I am twenty-one years old today and my Maymester classmates were kind enough to make it a great day, they even sang happy birthday to me before our class started.  It’s a bit weird that I cannot see my family in the United States today, since I have celebrated with them every year before. But it’s okay because I’m having a really good time here and experiencing new and exciting events that I’ll never forget. After today’s class, during which we learned about theater vocabulary and a summary of Fuenteovejuna, we went to a cafe for lunch called the Café Bicicleta. It has sandwiches, fresh juices, and other amazing food. There are so many cafes and delicious restaurants in the streets of Madrid, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. I am amazed by the variety of food here and really love trying the different types of eateries the city has to offer! Afterwards, we went shopping on the Gran Vía in Madrid because there are tons of clothing stores there, some of which we have also in the United States, and others that I’ve only seen here in Spain.

Afterwards, we rested until dinner when we went to buy really great tacos for only one euro each. Tomorrow all the students, professors, and FLAs will have lunch at the restaurant next to our hostel to celebrate.  I will always remember this year when I got the chance to spend my birthday in Madrid!

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