A Final Overview of Granada

Today is our last day in Granada before we return to Madrid. This trip was an incredible opportunity because we could see beautiful sites in two of the best cities in Spain, other than Madrid. We went to the Alhambra yesterday and my classmates and I were so surprised with the views and the complexity of the structures and buildings of the monument. The Alhambra is my favorite place we have visited on this trip because it has so much history and influences from other cultures, such as the Arabs who once took control of the region.

The hotel that we stayed in was so nice, and it had a roof terrace with a pool that you can look out from to see all the city in the distance. It is a view that photographs cannot adequately capture because it is so surreal and a 360-degree experience. The hotel breakfast was so good and necessary start to the morning, and afterwards we went shopping at the small market shops that lined a side street of the city. I bought gifts for my family and we had lunch before the train to Madrid. I really like the tea in Granada too, it was so much better than any I’ve ever had at home!  The best thing for me about Granada is the mix of antiquity and modernity in the city, especially with architecture.  There are big fashion clothes stores like H&M and Zara, then a 10-minute walk away are the historic buildings of the Reconquista era which was a major part of Spain’s history.

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