Vamos a Granada (1)

Today we visited the famous Alhambra, the expansive fortress and palace complex located in Granada. We took an audio tour in order to get the most from our visit and completely understand the history and importance of the site. The size of La Alhambra is unbelievably large and very well preserved, as it was renovated and rebuilt during the mid 13th century.

The most exciting part for me was the Courtyard of the Lions. When I entered I was hit with the strange feeling that I had seen it before. But obviously I had never been in the palace before so I could not figure it out. It was not until I listened to the speech on the room that I placed it: I had studied it in art history this year! I sent the picture of me in front of the Lions to my art history professor, who is going to post it on a wall dedicated to students finding art they’ve studied. It is such a rewarding experience to be able to travel and apply real-world experiences to the classroom as well.

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