Third and Final Sevilla!!

Each city that we visit becomes my new favorite place.  In Sevilla, we left very early in the morning for a 6:20am train.  It was not too bad, however, because we could sleep on the train and in no time, we were in Sevilla.  After we ate a croissant and had some coffee in our systems, we walked through the streets of Sevilla together and shopped at the small stores near la Plaza Mayor of Sevilla, also known as the “Mushroom.”  Because we were all together, Professor Lokos insisted that we take many photos on our first weekend trip together.  I am grateful because now I have many memories there that will stay with me for many years.  

We divided into small groups to see the city and its famous sites.  We traveled to la Plaza de España which I think turned out to be one of my favorite places in all of Spain.  I took many photos of all of my friends by the fountain, the ceramic walls and in the circular river where some decided to rent a boat and row.  The place was very large, but extremely beautiful and we were there for two hours, which I think is completely necessary in order to absorb all of the history and hidden places in the Plaza.  Also, there were benches to mark each of the big cities in Spain, so of course we took one in our home city of Madrid.  Later in the day, we visited the library of a professor who Professor Lokos previously had and he was generous enough to gift us three books.  We traveled to dinner where we enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed the view of the Guadalquivir River.

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